We are all looking for experiences that will leave us with beautiful lasting memories. Teens and Tweens especially.

They want images that showcase who they are and what they do at this amazing stage in their life.

Let's go through the timeline for every FKP Teen and Tween Session.



Pre-Consultation & Planning

From what to wear, to how images will be displayed, color design, location planning and look and feel of the session, the pre-consultation answers ALL your questions and helps us get to know you. Pre-consults can take place in-person or on the phone. Prior to their session, every FKP Teen and Tween gets a welcome packet with a what-to-wear guide to help plan their wardrobe & an online questionnaire so Felicity can plan the perfect session.


The Shoot / Session

Time for your photoshoot! On the day, I will meet you at our first location whether that be the studio or the beach, it's up to you! Each shoot lasts about 2 hours with as many outfit changes as possible in the 2-3 locations we have chosen. So consider carefully where you’d like to have your session, or I can recommend a spot for you. I focus the portrait experience around just that, an amazing experience.


The Order and Design Appointment

The Viewing & Ordering Appointment is the time when you get to see all the gorgeous images from your session. This is the time when you will finalise your portrait order, so be sure to pick a time where both Teen / Tween and parents can be there. I’ll help you sort through the images and make final decisions.


Final Delivery

About 3-6 weeks later, your art piece will be ready for pick up. I will call or email you to let you know it’s here and make arrangements for you to take home the final result.

"Felicity sent me so much information. I had everything planned ready for my shoot"


You are perfect, just the way you are. Celebrate you!

When photographing Teens and Tweens, I prefer to keep things simple and natural and let my clients true beauty shine through. With social media and society expectations its hard for teens to see themselves the way we see them - Beautiful and perfect just the way they are. My sessions are laid back, with an emphasis on natural poses and having fun!

Some of my Teens want to have their hair and makeup done before their photo shoot. You are more than welcome to have that done on your own, or if you desire to have professional hair and makeup, (or just makeup or just hair), we can make arrangements to have a makeup artist come in for the session at an additional charge.

Once the session is booked, we will discuss in the pre-consultation all your fashion, makeup and location ideas and have access to the Digital Welcome Magazine. 

Does your Teen/Tween love to Dance? Are they the Captain of the Rugby Team? Can they play a musical instrument? By incorporating the activities they love into their session, it becomes a great way to document who are they at this moment and what they love and are passionate about. It is also something parents hold dear and cherish and want to have as a keepsake.

Best Friend Sessions are an exciting part of the FKP experience. After their session, we will organise for your Teen or Tweens friends to meet us at a set location, either the studio or on-location, even at your home. BFF sessions are a complimentary addition to any Teen or Tween session.