3 ways to print the images from your session:

#1. Folio Boxes: are one of my most popular products. They are a beautiful way to keep your most cherished images. Each image is 5x7. Keep them in the box on your coffee table or seperate and frame each image individually.

#2. Album: this is a great way to get all of your images printed out! There are multiple colours to choose from to make your album suit you! My favourite at the moment is Panama Green Linen. The 9x12 albums are so substantial and a gorgeous way to look through your session.

#3. Wall Art: wall prints allow you to showcase your most loved images from your session in a grand way! Depending on which room you wish to have the artwork displayed, will determine if you choose an image that is more formal or in the case of a recent client, they wanted an image of them in their ballet attire to be in their room.

How would you print out your images from your session?