One of the main questions I get asked is what to wear to a photo shoot and how to dress the whole family. Here are some important pointers when it comes to choosing what to wear ~

The most important tip is to find something you feel comfortable in, because if you feel uncomfortable or insecure in your outfit, it will show in your pictures. Start with a piece that you love, such as your dress or another outfit that can be plain or patterned, and then use that to colour coordinate the clothes for the rest of your family.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together a look for your photo shoot. Imagine your family photo on the wall of your home and think about what could reflect your family's style and personality while also being timeless.

When choosing your outfits, decide on a colour scheme and look for a mix of garments in that colour range. Combine different patterns, textures and styles to create a fun and interesting look and complement it with accessories such as hats, necklaces and earrings.


I often recommend muted and neutral tones in various shades or some soft patterns. In the environments where we take photos (e.g. at the beach, in bushland or at home), there are often many colours and wearing bright colours can lead to conflicts and also cast these colours to other family members. Shades of brown, mustards, blues, dusty pink, earthy green, cream or white clothes all look great.

To provide some variety, choose a patterned garment, e.g. a long, flowing dress for yourself, and then pull out some similar colours from that pattern and dress the family members in those shades.


Layering different textures when choosing your outfits can really bring your outfits together and give them more interest. Think linen, textured clothing such as waffle fabrics or lace, chunky knits and anything that flows! Clothes that allow for some movement always look good, especially when it's a bit windy outside.


Think blankets, picnic blankets, linen throws, greenery, baby wraps, hats or a warm blanket or scarf for winter sessions. Props like these are a great way to enhance a photo session and give it that extra something. Once you have chosen your outfits, you can get props that go well with your outfits or have different textures and colours that complement your outfits.


I’m all for natural hair and makeup so don’t feel any pressure at all to get professional hair and makeup done for your session. However, if that’s what you opt for and it makes you feel the best, then go for it!


Slogan / Branded and licensed clothing – We all know the kids love these kinds of clothes and also the dads! I’m referring to the Disney princess and superhero clothes and the t-shirts with huge slogans across them.

Matchy matchy outfits (eg: all of you in jeans and the white tops) – This look has been done many times and although it had it’s place years ago I would suggest getting a little more creative and less cliche. Come up with a fresh new look that reflects your family style a little more.

Clothing patterns and colours that clash – Patterns can look beautiful in photoshoots but only when kept to a minimum. If one family member is wearing a bold patterned dress or top, use the pattern as a base to pull out some colours from. Dress the other family members in colours that are reflected in that pattern. Avoid all wearing bold items that clash with one another. Thin stripes and tight plaids distort in printed photos and appear zig-zaggy and thus should be avoided. 

Clothes that you feel uncomfortable in – We all have a dress in our wardrobe that we love, but maybe it's one that we do not feel so comfortable in or that's a little too small. If you wear outfits that you do not feel completely comfortable in and have to constantly adjust and correct during the shoot, it will reflect in the pictures! Wear something you feel comfortable in and you will undoubtedly feel much more relaxed.


At the end of the day, it's your shoot, so have fun with it!! Wear something that reflects YOUR personality and that you love! Make sure it is clothing that you will be happy to look at every time you walk past the big beautiful family photo on your wall.

These photographs are going to be images that are treasured for generations to come so take time to find something that you love and that captures who you are.